Pat McConnell

Owner/Principle Encore Growth Group

Owner/Manager 2M Farms/Crooked Saddle Ranch

"I have had the privilege of working alongside Todd Kimball as a Supervisor for the Walla Walla County Conservation District for over 10 years. Todd is a rare combination of education, talent, experience, and personality. His deep understanding of business and tax law is a tremendous asset for any organization he is involved with but add to that his farming background and experience and his ability to communicate effectively, and you have a package that can really make a difference. I think that having Todd involved in the governance of our county would be a tremendous benefit due to his business knowledge, problem solving ability, and his connections and experience within the agricultural and conservation communities of the county and state. I have tremendous faith in Todd’s ability to make good sound decisions and to represent the citizens of his district with integrity, common sense, and honor. I greatly appreciate his willingness to offer up his services for the good of the county and our community."

Dave Gordon

Northwest Grain Growers Manager, Retired

"I had the opportunity to work with Todd as a Board Member for 9 years while I was Manager of Northwest Grain Growers.  Todd was an outstanding board member during his term.  His ability to explore opportunities and offer creative solutions greatly contributed to the financial stability of the  Co-Op.  His experiences as a farmer and a CPA gave him a unique perspective of the farming community as well as the ability to look at our financial statements and recognize potential opportunities.  Northwest Grain Growers reached gross revenues of almost $250 million and excellent profits during his tenure.  I support Todd in his efforts to be a County Commissioner for Walla Walla and know that if elected, he will serve this community well."

Senator Mike Hewitt

Washington State Senator, 16th District


I have known Todd Kimball for many years, as a volunteer in the community, a farmer, an accountant and community leader. Todd is a very pragmatic person and listens well.

He understands what it takes to be a business owner and boss and also an employee. He understands private sector and government.

He knows the issues our county is facing now and in the future. He thinks outside of the box, has creative solutions and is not timid in tackling the hard issues. When researching solutions to problems Todd will explore both sides of an issue and make decisions that are best for county residents.

Todd Kimball is the best choice for District 2 County commissioner and he has my vote.


Steve VanAusdle

Retired Walla Walla Community College President

Todd Kimball has my support for District 2 county commissioner. Todd’s experiences as a farmer, certified public accountant and his service on natural resource-related boards will add important perspective and value to the commission.

I have known Todd for most of his life and can attest to his character and work ethic. He is a collaborator that places service above self.

Todd will be the only commissioner with an extensive agricultural background. He has done his homework on the issues and concerns the county will face, as demonstrated on his web page, and he has the vision and drive to make a difference.

Jim Duncan

Walla Walla County Commissioner, District 3

Todd Kimball has proved leadership skills, extensive educational background, agricultural knowledge, business experience and financial expertise which make him well qualified for the Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2 position.

He is a CPA, farmer and a businessman.

Todd has the needed skills and experience to address the complex county budget.

Todd has shown his leadership skills as a president of the Northwest Grain Growers and while serving on the Walla Walla County Conservation District.

I know that Todd, if elected, will be a qualified and fully committed county commissioner. I have heard some campaign rhetoric by Todd’s opponent that he will be a 100 percent commissioner and that Todd would only be a 33 percent commissioner because Todd is a CPA, farmer and a businessman.

The percentage calculation is simple math but not logical regarding the qualifications of a county commissioner, and is misinformation. Commissioners Jim Johnson, Perry Dozier and I are qualified and fully committed county commissioners and Todd will be also. Todd’s background as a CPA, farmer and a businessman are a great resume for a commissioner and not a hindrance as stated by his opponent.


Please join me in voting for Todd Kimball to be the next Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2.

Perry Dozier

Walla Walla County Commissioner, District 2

Owner Double D Ranches

"First and foremost I would like to thank those of you who have supported me as your County Commissioner representing District 2 for the past 8 years.  These two terms have been both challenging and rewarding as this position has evolved and expanded tremendously.  I have been honored to be able to help and serve the residents of Walla Walla County.

This year there are 6 candidates vying for the District 2 position.  They all have distinct attributes that need to be analyzed to determine who will best fit the needs of Walla Walla County.  I have had the opportunity and privilege to know and work with one of these candidates, Todd Kimball.

Todd and I were both elected to the Northwest Grain Growers ( NWGG) Board of Directors and served 9 years.  During this time, Todd’s background in accounting was a tremendous benefit for the board when he served as Board President as well as when he served as Chairman of the Search committee during the recruitment of the NWGG Manager.   In my role as a Commissioner, my previous positions as the Washington Association of Wheat Growers (WAWG) and NWGG Board President as well as serving on the Washington State Barley Commission were necessary roles which allowed me to serve as an effective Commissioner; Todd exemplifies the same attributes that are essential to the leadership position.  Todd also is currently on the Walla Walla County Conservation District Board (WWCCD).  The WWCCD is the county’s lead agency to help implement the Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) that the Board of County Commissioners has opted into to fulfill the requirements of the Growth Management Act.  This program, VSP, is very important for all land owners that live along any waterway (streams, rivers, etc.).

Largely the duty of the County Commissioner consists of financial decisions such as yearly audits and budgets; it is essential we elect a Commissioner which has the necessary understanding of these processes.  Todd demonstrates not only a financial acuity but also leadership abilities that are necessary as a Commissioner.

Todd’s education and financial background, along with his leadership experience will serve him well in leading the County.  Todd also has the benefit of being a rural resident and farmer to appreciate the importance of our Public Works Department (road) and law enforcement. 

I fully support Todd Kimball for County Commissioner, District 2, and ask you for your support for Todd as well."

Edward Chvatal


"I am proud to offer my complete political support for Todd Kimball in his run for Walla Walla County Commissioner, District 2.  I have served with Todd on the Northwest Grain Growers Board and the Walla Walla County Conservation District Board of supervisors.  He has shown great dedication and leadership on both boards.  With his accounting background, along with his personal farming operation, he brings a unique ability to understand, analyze, and make the right decisions on difficult issues.  Todd is a wonderful husband, uncle, friend, and hard worker.  I see him as a great commissioner, which will look out for the best interests of all of us in Walla Walla County."

Harold Cochran


Todd Kimball will be an exceptional Walla Walla County commissioner. I have known Todd for many years and he has the necessary skill to be a successful commissioner. Todd understands agriculture, which is the foundation of our local economy. He also has financial proficiency as a practicing CPA....

The most important responsibility of the commissioners is managing a complex county budget. Todd has the expertise to do this and will be a fine addition to our Board of Walla Walla County Commissioners.

Dan Roach


Todd Kimball is our best choice to replace Perry Dozier on the Walla Walla County Board of Commissioners. ...

Todd was born and raised in a farming family with deep roots in our Valley. He graduated from Whitworth University, attended graduate school at Gonzaga, earned his CPA credentials and has worked in public accounting and wheat farming for most of his adult life.

Todd knows how to manage organizations and to make financial decisions. He has served on multiple local boards and has learned through his employment and his service in the community about fiscal responsibility, working with and living within budgets, managing personnel matters, negotiating contracts and dealing with legislators.

Todd is very approachable, gets along well with people, exercises good judgment after appropriate open-minded analysis of situations and will be a quick learner when dealing with matters that come before the Board of Commissioners.

Todd and his wife, Sandy, are the parents of two fine teenage sons. Please join Jacquie and me in voting for Todd Kimball for Walla Walla County Commissioner.

Frank O'Leary

Executive Director Northwest Rangeland Trust

With the Nov. 8 election approaching I feel it is important that each voter examine the qualifications of the candidates and make a well-informed choice.

As a taxpayer and resident of Walla Walla County for 43 years, I, along with the rest of the community, have been fortunate to have had fiscally responsible county commissioners elected to office throughout the years.


For example, we presently have individuals in office who have signed both sides of a paycheck and met that obligation with their own money. I feel very strongly that this single point should be a requirement for all elected officials.

Todd Kimball is such an individual and we are fortunate to have a person with his resume and attributes seeking the office of Walla Walla County commissioner for District 2.

In addition to his career as a CPA, both in Boise for four years and now in Walla Walla, Todd is a successful farmer manager in Walla Walla County raising both irrigated and dryland crops.

Todd has demonstrated that he possesses all of the attributes required to be an effective County Commissioner.

In addition to Todd’s fiscal understanding and proficiency, he brings his vast experience in Walla Walla community activities and has served with distinction in leadership rolls on countless community, county, regional and state boards.

Todd’s family has long and distinguished ties to our community. Todd and Sandy are the proud parents of two sons and the family enjoys golfing, hunting and traveling.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Todd to be our next Walla Walla County commissioner for District 2 and I encourage you to cast your vote for Todd.

Pam Ray

Retired Walla Walla County Commissioner


I am supporting Todd Kimball as the next District 2 Walla Walla County commissioner to maintain a board of diversified knowledge and experience.

Todd is a farm manager and a sixth-generation steward of the land.

His previous involvement as past president of both the Northwest Grain Growers and the Walla Walla County Conservation District as well as past Treasurer of the Blue Mountain Land Trust serves as a solid foundation for many land use, water, economic and overall issues significant to Walla Walla County. His rural life experience and agricultural knowledge are key in representing our largest tax base, agriculture and its related businesses.

As a certified public accountant, his financial knowledge offers expertise in one of the primary and most difficult responsibilities of a board of county commissioners, the management of a multifaceted, multimillion dollar budget that includes balancing an increased demand for services, less revenue to perform services and an ever-increasing cost of doing business.

I am confident that as a lifelong resident and seasoned volunteer in our community, Todd will work to preserve our values, customs and cultures.

Please keep the Board of County Commissioners representing all of the interests of our Valley and join me in voting for Todd Kimball, Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2.

Scott Jordan

Owner Paragon Auto Sales, College Place

I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife and myself. We would like to recognize Todd Kimball, who is running for Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2....

Todd and Sandy have two boys who are similar in age to our children, so we have known them for many years. In that time we have witnessed Todd as a devoted husband and father.

We have observed his dedication to be a leader in both community and family. Todd’s roots in the Walla Walla area are six generations strong and it is obvious he cares about the future of Walla Walla and that he will be here for years to come.

Todd’s interest in the future of our community is shown with his dedication to the many organizations that he belongs to, including the Washington Association of Wheat Growers, the Northwest Grain Growers, Walla Walla County Conservation District and his numerous volunteer positions in our county.

His education and his experience in leadership more than qualifies him to ensure the financial stabilities of our community.

In the past three years, we have personally experienced his dedication to the economic development of the Walla Walla community through our own business Paragon Auto Sales. I had been in the automobile industry for 18 years and wanted to take my life one step further by owning my own dealership.

Todd understood my dream and helped me make it a reality. His support and encouragement throughout the process of becoming business owners was exceptional and greatly appreciated.

With this position, being part of Todd’s dream for his future, I know he would make every effort possible to represent our community and its people with integrity, loyalty and the utmost respect for our county.

It is with great pleasure that we endorse Todd Kimball as Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2.

Jim Johnson

Walla Walla County Commissioner, District 1

"By now you know that Perry Dozier has decided not to seek re-election to a third term as a Walla Walla County Commissioner.  I want to take this time to thank Perry for his 7-plus years of being a devoted member of the Walla Walla County Board of Commissioners and for his service to the taxpayers of Walla Walla.

I am proud of what we have accomplished in my 5 years on the board of county commissioners. I have been blessed to work with dedicated elected officials especially, but not limited to, Greg Tompkins, Perry Dozier and Jim Duncan.

Walla Walla County has been privileged to have had so many dedicated, conservative elected officials working on our behalf to insure a healthy and viable county budget in the past, often during difficult economic times.

It is because of this fiscal constraint and foresight that we have been able to weather the periodic storms that come our way.

I am asking for your help to continue this fiscal responsibility and to secure the future of Walla Walla County by joining me and others in supporting Todd Kimball as our next Walla Walla County Commissioner. As I’m sure you know, Todd is a 6th generation resident of Walla Walla County.   Todd is a graduate of DeSales High School, Whitworth College (B.S. Accounting) and is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Washington and Oregon.  Todd’s business and agricultural background makes him a perfect fit for the office of County Commissioner.  His involvement in many business and community boards as well as his commitment to area youth over the years has given him invaluable insights into a community he knows and loves.

I have the utmost confidence that Todd is the right person to serve us as our next Walla Walla County Commissioner. For more information about Todd you can go to his internet page: www.electkimball.com or you can email him at electkimball@gmail.com.

As you have supported me I hope I can count on you to help Todd run a successful campaign with a financial contribution and by assisting with any of the campaign activities listed on his website."

Allen Ford


For the first time in over 60 years, with the exception of 1981, Walla Walla County is facing the possibility of having a Board of County Commissioners without representation from the agricultural component of our county.

Agriculture is the largest tax base of Walla Walla and representation is crucial.

The Board of County Commissioners governs and is responsible for representing agricultural issues on a local, state and federal level and for this reason, I am supporting Todd Kimball for District 2 county commissioner.

For a number of years, Todd and I served on the Northwest Grain Growers Board together and I observed firsthand how valuable his agricultural, business and accounting knowledge and experience was on that board.

Please see that Walla Walla County retains a voice for this industry and vote for Todd Kimball

Lance Henderson

Former Executive Director ofWashington State Republican Party


"As a native of Walla Walla, former GOP Precinct Committee Officer from the 1980's (yes, I'm dating myself) and former Executive Director of the Washington State... Republican Party, I wholeheartedly endorse Todd Kimball for WW County Commissioner. Todd has the education, knowledge of agriculture, fiscal expertise and concern for the people of Walla Walla. Please vote Todd Kimball on August 2."

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Todd Kimball